The Solution to your problems could be one step ahead

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Morada de Mujeres del Milenio

You will find here the dwelling to your fears and problems that may affect you every day, give yourself and us the opportunity to look together for a solution to these problems that do not allow you to sleep well.

You are not alone, you will always have the hardware that will guide you to charge your life style, as well as to find an exit to any difficulties that may affect you and any of your family members.

Your first step toward the solution is to accept that you need help, remember that we all have the right to have a worthy and full life of respect, we will be there for you at a private and confidential interview. We may help you to better understand your problem and find a solution.


Support Online

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact our support online

If you or any member of your family is involve in an abusive relationship and needs assistence, you are not alone, you can call with us now, confidencial help is available 7 day a week in business hours. (510) 542-4587



News and Coming Events

  • Month Event.


  • We announce our montly event for 11/ 22/ 2014. "Free Turkey" Come and enjoy with us we offer a free turkey for your family  Call for information: (510) 542-4587
  • Free Pastries.

    Every wednesday at 12:00pm, we offer free bread at: 2121 Vale Rd,  San Pablo CA 94806.